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Nicky has a secret. Now you see her: now you don’t.

She has the ability to disappear and reappear in another place – her gift controlled through the powers of thought alone.

Someone else has discovered Nicky’s extrasensory talent: a group called the Project. Anonymous, benign in manner, yet also sinister in its secrecy, the Project spirits Nicky and four others away to a desert hideaway. Constantly monitored by security, taken from their families and even their own countries, Nicky and her fellow travellers are gradually pushed into a world of espionage and intrigue.

But who are they working for? Is the Project inherently good, or is it inherently evil?


Anywhere But Here

Like wanted criminals, Nicky and the other travellers are on the run.  But what’s their crime?

They all have an extraordinary gift: the ability to transport themselves anywhere, through the powers of thought alone.  Pursuing the travellers is the Project, an organisation that abducted them from their parents, virtually enslaving them, and pushed them to carry out secret missions. Until they escaped.

Now the five teenagers are in Los Angeles, trying to keep one step ahead of their pursuers. They might make it if they work as a team – but loyalties are shifting.

In one head-long dash, the travellers must find out what they want, and who they want to be, but the Project is shadowing their every move.


Real Life  

Despite their gifts, Nicky and her fellow travellers are back at the Project. They’ve been issued with new tracking bracelets that can’t be removed, leaving them all feeling trapped and betrayed.

But Nicky won’t be confined. She continues to brood on escape, but discovers a swim team in a nearby town, returning to what she loves. But for how long will the Project tolerate her small slice of freedom?

Meanwhile, the Project is caught up in sinister, questionable affairs. When terrorists threaten, Nicky is sent to the dangerous heart of the matter.

No longer afraid of her remarkable abilities, and no longer willing to let others decide for her, Nicky is on the brink of retrieving her own real life.

But destructive forces close in . . . 


Praise for the Thieves Trilogy:

Thieves is the best teenage science fiction novel I have read this century – Trevor Agnew, Magpies   

Edgy, fast-paced science fiction teens will love – Stephen Clark, Tomorrow’s Schools Today

Action packed adventure and I couldn’t put it down – Tania Roxborogh, Otago Daily Times

Not many debut novels make it onto New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards sortlists, but Thieves, by Mosgiel writer Ella West, fully deserves its place. This fine thriller looks like the first appearance of a rising star – Tessa Duder, Australian Women’s Weekly   


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  1. Elinrose

    Um, hi.
    Oh sorry, I mean:

    Dear Ella West (or publishers, or maybe whoever is reading this)

    I was just wondering about the ending of Real Life: why didn’t Nicky help Paul when he twisted his ankle? I’m not meant to sound mean or rude or anything, but I’m just confused and I want to know. =)

    ‘Thieves’ is a good thrilogy. It was actually the first novel I actually wanted to read, making me get into reading books, and it inspired me to start writing novels myself (even if I was only eleven when I read it and now I’m thirteen).

    But I’ve wanted to thank you for making me realise that reading is actually quite fun (hehe). And thank you for making me want to write novels myself.
    Maybe someday when I’m older, we could publish a book together or something (I know that sounds really weird, wanting to publish a book with someone, but… okay, so maybe I’m just pushing my luck, but I don’t usually say stuff like that, though I’m a big fan of yours) =D

    Thanks again

    • Hey, great to hear Thieves got you into reading and wanting to write because that’s exactly what I wanted the series to do! Can I suggest you also try John Marsden’s Tomorrow Series – it was what got me into writing. I enjoyed reading it so much that I realised I wanted to write books and books like these ones.
      Why did Nicky not help Paul at the end of Real Life? Because she couldn’t. Because he was in pain he couldn’t travel with her and if she stayed with him she would have got captured or killed too. She realised she had to go it alone – she had to live her own life and save herself.
      Does that make sense?
      And good luck with the writing – keep in touch. You never know what will happen! If someone had told me ten years ago that I was about to have a successful trilogy published and would receive emails like your one I would never have believed them.
      All the best

    • Shyanne Smith-Keith

      Ella West,
      Hello, my name is Shyanne. I’m 15. I would just like to say thank-you. I have fell in love with your books. My whole life I have always hated reading and writing, oh and spelling. It’s because I have always sucked at it. I am Lucky if I have actually finished a book in the last 2years but the other week I pick up your book. As soon as I read it I fell in love. I am now up to your last book and I only started it yesterday and am almost finished. thank-you for actually giving me something to read, something I get ;D Thank-you again. Good Luck

      Shyanne Smith-Keith .

      • Hi Shyanne
        Yeah, I hated spelling too! Thank you for your post and keep reading. There are some cool books out there. You just have to find them.
        All the best

  2. Claire

    i just want to say thankyou, your book Thieves made me love book’s so much ! im 13 and never used to read at all and hated it.
    i could never find the right book , i liked it so much that i read Anywhere but here and just finished it i can’t wait to read Real Life !
    thankyou heaps ! (:

  3. julia

    WOW! all i can say is WOW! and ive only read thieves though 😦 im trying to read the other books but their kinda not at my library (haha) i will soon read the others. im 13 yrs old and i love soccer, reading and writing, your book influenced me so much and i am very thankful 🙂 i literally could not put your book down, i read it in 3 hours! LOVED IT , LOVED IT, LOVED IT! 🙂 your amazing ella.

  4. Morgan

    I was wondering if you were writing another book for the Thieves trilogy…
    I love the series by the way 🙂

    • Hi Morgan
      At this stage the answer is no, although if there was interest that answer would turn very quickly to a yes!
      Glad you liked the books.
      all the best

      • YES YES YES PLEASE!! Next book! After I read I was soo close to crying, couldn’t believe what happened, you’ve got an awesome way of writing, you just can’t put it down. Thanks for writing such a wonderful trilogy, I so hope there’s a fourth 🙂

      • I’m working on it! Will let everyone know when we can say definitely YES!

  5. ella west

    dear Ella
    i love your books so so so much, and guess my name is ella west too! i love the ending of the real life. ive gotten all of my friends to start reading your books and they all love them too.
    From Ella!

    • Hi Ella
      Wow – someone else with the name Ella West!!!! You do know it’s my pen name – not my real name? I had a great aunt who studied English at the University of Otago in 1909 and her name was Ella and the “West” comes from I was living on the West Coast when I wrote Thieves. It’s a great name. I love it.
      And thanks for getting your friends to read the books!
      Ella West

  6. Hi Ella! iv been reading the comments & i could say not just for myself but for alot of the teen mother at our unit we would love to see another book!!!! would be so great! This Trilogy got me into reading i loved it so much. i read Real life in one day because i just couldnot put it down. Thank you so much.

  7. heey ella 😀 i LOVE your thieves books sooo much i just never wanted to put the books down and they sure did keep me on my toes.
    pleeeease write a fourth book the end just seems like there should be more to not just that. I think there could be more to write it seems unfinished ?
    those books have made me wanting to read more often but i havnt yet found a book as good as thieves ehhhh :/
    lara 😀

    • Hi Lara
      Great to hear from you! No, at this stage there is not going to be a fourth book but I’ll never say never. Let your imagine figure out what happens after the end of the third book – I think I have given enough clues in Real Life. That way, it becomes a little bit your story, in your head, and only in your head.
      Am so glad you liked the books. It is certainly a thrill to get messages like yours.

  8. and ella do u have any suggestions for some books to read ?
    thanks 😀

    • There are many good books out there that have being written in the last few years but let me give you some of my favourites from the past. Have you read any books by Australian author John Marsden? There’s his Tomorrow When the War Began series but lots of others as well. And of course The Lord of the Rings – forget the movie, the books are so much better. I really enjoyed reading Anne McCaffrey when I was a teenager. Her stories are about dragons and there’s some sci-fi ones as well. And The Earthsea Trilogy by Ursula Le Guin – that’s fantastic.

  9. Georgia

    Hey Ella
    I know you have been asked this several times but is there any possibility that you would write a fourth book anytime soon? I abosolutely ADORE ❤ your trilogy and have recomended it to a few of my friends, but instead of having to continuously wonder about all the possibilities of what happened after, it would be nice to know what the character would do afterwords and what comes next.
    Thanks, Georgia 😀
    PS sorry for sounding so dull 😛

  10. Elinrose :)

    Hi again Ella 🙂
    Hopefully there’s a fourth book! No pressure or anything; sorry if we’re putting a lot of pressure on you though :/ but all the best for you’re writing! 🙂

  11. Sonyta

    Hi there,

    I first had ‘Thieves’ given to me by a friend not to long ago. I was immediately hooked, and it is now my favourite book of all time. It’s amazingly written and so intriguing, and my school library even went to the trouble of getting the second book for me because I was having trouble getting it. I’m yet to read the third book, but I just wanted to say how much I love these books. I look forward to reading the third, and hopefully a fourth, fifth and sixth!

    Much love,

    • Hi Sonyta
      Hey, I’m glad you like the books and hope you manage to get your hands on the third. Yes, would like to find a publisher keen on a fourth book and then why not more? Am trying my hardest to make it happen.
      all the best

  12. lily

    hi ella
    i love your books and agree with everyone else there should be a 4th!
    also i read your advice and read john marsden’s books, they are now my second favourite after yours

    • Hi Lily
      John Marsden is an awesome author so I’m glad you’ve read some of his books but am very happy I remain your favourite!
      We’re still trying to find a publisher who is keen on a fourth book so don’t give up hope – we haven’t.

  13. Brooke

    Hi Ella,
    I read Thieves a while ago but then my library didn’t have Anywhere But Here and Real Life so I asked them if they could get them for the library and they did. As soon as they got the books they put them on hold for me.
    I read Anywhere But Here 2 days ago and I read Real life yesterday. As soon as I got home from school I would read them. I kept reading until I finished the books and they took me one day for each. They were amazing and I loved them.
    I was just wondering if there will be a fourth book because I want to keep reading.
    I kept thinking about the possibilities of what could happen next but I couldn’t work it out. I hope she meets her parents and ends up with Jake… I thought they would be good together but either way, your book are amazing and I love them soooo much 🙂 You are such a good writer.

    • Hi Brooke
      I’m glad you got your library to buy the books as now other kids can get to read the trilogy too. Yes – there are lots of possibilities of what could happen in the fourth book! It is so exciting which is why I can’t wait to start it. I just need a publisher to say yes.

  14. khadro

    I loved your books and I so want you to write the fourth. I read all three books in 3 days – one for each day.=D

  15. Courtney

    Hi Ella,

    I love Thieves, and really want to read Anywhere But Here and Real Life, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere. I live in Australia and none of the book stores have them, and none of my local libraries can get copies either. I was wondering if you could tell me if there were some places in Australia that you knew sold your books?


    • Hi Courtney
      Book shops keep books on the shelves for such a short time these days – it is so frustrating! Try the online sites Fishpond or The Nile – both books are definitely on their websites. Google to get their web address and they can post you out a copy of each. If that doesn’t work get back to me!
      Hope you enjoy them.

  16. Joely

    Ella I absolutley loved these books!
    I never wanted them to end!
    Please write another book, I feel like I need to know what happened.
    Your an amazing writer and I do hope that you write a fourth book. 🙂

  17. Cassidy

    You are so awesome. I loved reading Thieves for school. I’m a big reader but Thieves was the best book I’ve read. Looking forward to reading Anywhere But Here when it is available in the library.

  18. khadro

    I’m still wondering when youre publishing youre 4th book so excited.
    Any way have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year

  19. Alyssa

    Hello 🙂
    Wow I just finished reading Real Life. Do they all just die? Just like that? Shelley? Tina? Jake? Paul? All of them?? I loved the book but I wish it wasn’t the end for them. Or for the books. If you can find a way to write another book, could you pleeeeaaaaaassssee bring them all back, find a way for them not to die? I fell in love with all their characters and it seems wrong for them to just die. Sorry..its just so sad 😥
    Thankyou for writing the series, they are the only New Zealand books that I have truly fallen in love with. It was last year when I discovered them. My english teacher asked us all to find a book in our school library to do a novel study on. It had to be by a New Zealand author. I found Thieves and I loved it. Everyone was struggling to get into the books they had chosen but I had finished Thieves and started on Anywhere But Here. After I finished that, I wanted to get out Real Life but the school library was doing a stock-take before the holidays and the public library only has the first one. But the second school went back I went and got it out and stopped reading the book we have to read for english so that I could find out what happened to the travellors.
    Sorry for the life story 😀 Thanks for reading this.

    • Hi Alyssa
      Thanks so much for reading the books and sorry, I can’t tell you what happens next – that would give what happens in the fourth book away! Needless to say, if they all died there couldn’t be a fourth book could there? I just need a publisher to get this book out there but all your messages will certainly help me find one so thanks again!
      all the best

  20. Rebecca

    I fully agree with all the previous comments about wanting a fourth book, though I’m a little confused because considering the high quality and standard of the plot and writing style of the the previous three books in the trilogy, shouldn’t the publishers be begging you to publish a fourth book with them?

    • Hi Rebecca
      I tell you, honestly, I am as totally confused as you are but they have refused whenever I have asked them (begged them) and when my agent has asked them as well, which is repeatedly. I don’t get it. Maybe they don’t read this blog and realise just how many people want a fourth book (and a fifth, and a sixth!)
      The publisher is now Random House New Zealand (they bought out Longacre which was the original publisher). Email them, ring them, I don’t know.
      I’m not giving up hope.

  21. Jaimee

    Hi Ella!:)

    I came across your books accidentally but immediately fell in love with them! They are so great and keep you on edge all the time! I couldn’t keep my nose out of them they were just so awesome! I absolutely agree with everyone else 100% about a fourth book and more as well! Just to let you know I think Nicky and Paul were great together. hehe 🙂

    oh and any news about a publisher yet?

    • Hi Jaimee
      So glad you loved the books but sorry, no news about a publisher for the fourth book. Am still trying and will keep trying. You guys are not going to give up on me and I’m certainly not going to give up on you.

  22. Willow Slater

    I’m a little dissapointed that we dont know what happens to everyone at the end of the last book. It’s so frustrating. Can you write a new series telling us what happens next because i hate books that at the end of a series they end on a cliff hanger. It really ticks me off. I just really want more because its so interesting.

    • Hi Willow
      Yes! You want more! As a writer that is my aim – to keep you wanting to read more so, although it is frustrating I know, it makes me very excited when I get messages like yours so thanks and hopefully soon there will be more!

  23. Olivia

    Hi Ella West(:

    Firstly I am a massive fan. I love your books, your writing style and you ideas(:
    I think the trilogy is amazing. Ive read all the books and loved them to bits. I live in nelson and love that New Zealand has such great writers like your self.

    Also I would LOVE to see another book. The ending of ‘Real life’ keep me awake long after I turned out the light just sitting in awe. I think its an amazing book but It really does need another book to tie it together. (Sorry if that sounded pushy) But if you cant get another book on ‘Thieves’, I beg you to start a new book! Your writing makes any reader fell as if the are running along side the characters living in the book.

    Anyway Im going on to much I just want to thank you so much for the books you have written. I enjoyed them so much and the are one of if not the best books ive ever read (And ive read hundreds of books(: )

    Thanks again(:
    Good luck for the future
    Olivia xoxox

    • Olivia

      P.s I love how you tied sci fi and romance together! I usually read girly books but this book has given me a whole new look on sci fi. I love the whole thing between Nicky and Paul and Jake(:

      Thanks again(:

      • Hi Olivia
        Wow! So glad you loved Thieves. And yes, there will be more books, either about Nicky and Paul and Jake or there will be other stories. I’m a writer – that’s what I do!
        all the best

  24. Caitlyn

    Hi Ella West. 🙂

    I love all your books.
    I was wondering if you are going to make another book or books to finish off the Real Life. Because I want to see if she gets to meet her parents, and will her and Paul moved to NZ if they escape the Project and will all the others escape to.
    Your son Brad goes to my school and he is in my year but not in my class.
    You are one of my favourite authors in NZ.
    At school we had to do an author study and we had to either do it on a NZ Author or whatever Author we want and I chose you if that is all right. I’m handing it in tomorrow.
    Bye Bye
    p.s I go to Taieri College.
    your my 2nd fav author in the world but 1st in NZ

    • Hi Caitlyn
      I’d love to know who your favourite author is! Hope you get a good mark for you author study. Tell your teacher I can come in and talk to your class about writing and having books published. It’s not a problem. I’d love to do it.
      all the best

      • Caitlyn

        Hi Ella
        My favourite author is Suzanne Collins, then it is you. I will tell Mr Wylie tomorrow that and ill see if we can arrange you to come when we do Literacy and I will type back and tell you what he says.

  25. Hi Caitlyn
    Suzanne Collins is pretty amazing. The movie was fantastic. Get Mr Wylie to give me a ring.
    all the best

  26. Caitlyn

    Hi Ella.
    I know she is Amazing,and it was.
    Do you have a face book so I can private message u so i can get ur email address and give it to Mr Wylie.
    If not ill message u tomorrow what Mr Wylies email address is.

  27. Hi Caitlyn
    Nope, all okay. Am looking forward to next week!

  28. Hi Ella
    Okay. Yup so am I

  29. Hi Ella that was sooo amazing and kwl thanks for the books im nearly up to chapter 11 on the 1st book so amazing.

  30. Ella
    Yes I know it was so fun thank you, I so want to read your forth book on the book series , the books so far are very interesting i would by a copy when it first comes out but owwhhhh well. You look way different to what you look like in real life to the books has your kids said that because i reckon

  31. Lottie

    Ella West,
    Hey. I really really really love your Thieves trilogy and was wondering if you would ever make a movie of it. I hope you do because I’d really love to star in it as Nicky if you ever plan on making a movie of it.
    I was a bit disappointed that you decided for Nicky to leave Paul because I thought they were great together and that they were going to live happily ever after but that’s okay. It’s your book anyway lol. The ending was pretty amazing aswell, which made me cry.
    Oh yeah! Your books made me cry. Literally. My mum actually thought I was sick but told her that it was just the book.. Then she just gave me panadol just in case lol.
    I was wondering if you’re going to make a fourth book?


    • Hi Lottie
      You made me laugh – which I needed today so thanks.
      Yes, am trying ways to get a fourth book out, and a tv series or a movie. Just a matter of not giving up.
      all the best

      • Lottie

        I’d love it if you were allowed to make a fourth book along with your other fans. I hope to read and see ALL your books and movies in the future (:
        All the best to you too.


  32. Clare

    I’m 19 and I’ve read Thieves about 3 times! 🙂 I love your books! I really do hope that there are TV shows and movies including a fourth book some time in the future!! 🙂


    • Hi Clare
      So glad you like them. Spread the word – the more people who want a tv show or a movie the more it makes the studios sit up and take notice!
      all the best

  33. sonja

    Hello Ella, 🙂

    We just wanted to pop in a message about your talent!
    I first read Thieves aloud to my boyfriend when I was 16 in year 10 and we both loved it and stayed up the night to finish the book. My school didn’t have your next 2 books and they couldn’t find where to order it in and so I tried some local bookstores but they never ordered it in for us. Last year in year 12 we still didn’t lose our love for your writing and my boyfriend and I re-read Thieves together and loved it just as much as we did the first time we read it and I chose your book to do a review on for my final year 12 marks (Leaving me with GREAT results). My boyfriend and I are 19 now and still love your talent and so I have finally found where to order your books ONLINE myself and cannot wait to finally finish the trilogy! You are an incredible author and wishing you a beautiful and successful life! xx

    Sonja and Harrison

    • Hi Sonja and Harrison
      Great to hear you loved Thieves and got great marks using it for school – even better! All the best and thank you so much for getting in touch.

  34. Kassie

    Hey Ella,
    I just want to thank You for such an amazing book:) I usually hate reading but I’ve read the first 2 books over and over again and I am still waiting for my libary to get the 3rd one :(. (Not that that stopped me from reading the first chapter of the 4th one!) I can’t wait to read real life!
    Thank you


    • Hi Kassie
      You’ll love Real Life. It is very, very exciting. Please don’t try to read it while studying for exams or anything or need sleep! Everyone says they can’t put it down once they start. Will work on Finder Seeker and get it finished for you.
      all the best

  35. Hi Ella,
    it’s Shae again =)

    I finally got hold of the last two books in the series. I bought them home yesterday, started reading them last night, and have finished the second one this morning.

    After my mum made me turn out the light I didn’t get much sleep, it was one of those books where you stay up all night putting yourself in the characters situations and figuring out alternative solutions to their problems.

    After I finished reading the second book this morning, I just lay there for about 30 seconds thinking- woah.
    The end of that book was amazing and I can’t wait for the next book!

    Keep writing!
    Shae ❤

    • Hi Shae
      Am so happy you liked them. Have you read the first chapter of the fourth book yet? It’s called Finder Seeker and it’s on this blog – click on the button on the top right of the screen.
      Tell me what you think!

  36. Carrie Skilton

    Hey Ella,

    As an English Major at the University of Otago I was recently asked to remember back to a particular book or series that inspired us to write. I first read Thieves in high school not long after it was published… fast forward six years and I still remember how great your writing style is and how fantastic the stories are. After a quick google I was shocked to find out you grew up in Invercargill (not too far away from where I grew up) and that you were an Otago Arts fellow. I love coincidences like that – It just goes to show how small New Zealand really is! Anyway, I would like to thank you for writing your stories because they an inspiration to me. I also cannot wait to see what Finder Seeker has to bring to the table!

    Thanks again Ella!
    x Carrie

    • Hi Carrie
      Another conincidence – I was also an English major at Otago Uni!
      Been thinking about what books I would have come up with that I read as a teenager if asked the same question and I think it would probably be Anne McCaffrey and her dragon books and maybe Ray Bradbury’s short stories.
      Yes – must get back to work on Finder Seeker. It’s going to be great!
      All the best with uni exams

  37. Caitlyn xx

    Hey Ella
    I’ve read all three books, they were amazing and I’ve read the first chapter of the fourth book can’t wait till it’s out.
    I’m hoping for you to make a movie if you do can I please be Nicky if not Tina or Shelley please.

    P.s it’s Caitlyn the girl whose class u came too..

  38. Vaira :)

    Hi Ella,
    I have read Thieves and Anywhere But Here and I just loved it I am still waiting for real life to be returned in my school Library to actually read it but I am sure I am going to love it. I used to hate reading, well i still do , but your books are just amazing. I just loved reading them. Do you know when the fourth book is coming out?
    Vaira 🙂

    • Hi Vaira
      Keep reading – your school librarian may be able to help. Tell them you loved Thieves and they should be able to find for you other books like it. Hope you enjoy the third book. Not sure yet about the fourth book – will let you know.
      All the best

      • Vaira :)

        Hi again :),
        So I have just finished the third book about ten minutes ago, and I honestly can’t wait to read the forth one, I have just read ‘Finder Seeker’! 😀 I hope you’re not feeling too pressured by us readers wanting more :p But i also hope you finish soon (if that makes any sense ?) Anyways, Your books are amazing 😀 Do you have an idea yet of when the forth book is coming out? 🙂
        Vaira 🙂

      • Hi Vaira
        Glad you loved the books. There’s been a hiccup in writing the fourth book (another book has got in the way – sometimes things like this just happen) but I will get back to it I promise!
        all the best

  39. Madison

    Hi Ella
    I love the books! Do you think you would write another one because they are awesome I begged my mum to get me the rest, of them nearly tore the whole place down when i lost it. Does anyone else survive other than Nicky?
    Thanks love your books

    • Hi Madison
      I am writing another one! And I’m putting it on this blog – have a look at the Finder Seeker page. I’m trying to put a new chapter up at the start of each month but no promises. Does anyone else survive other than Nicky – you will have to read it to find out!

  40. lottie

    Hey, I’m Lottie from the one posted previously.
    After I read your books, I recommended my friends to read them all. Although they aren’t bookworms and have never really opened and enjoyed such good books, I still tried. I’ve really connected to each and one of the characters you’ve created in the novels written and cannot get over it within the previous years I’ve been reading them. I still hope to watch Nicky come to life on the big screen one day. NICKY IS MY FAVOURITE! Wish you all the best, Ella West. You’re truly one of my top fav authors out there (:

  41. Britney

    I’m Britney,
    one day my teacher told me to read better books so I read night vision and loved it and raved about it to everyone but then once I had finished night vision I went on a search for more of your books and found thieves. I read that in about 2 days and then read anywhere but here in a matter of hours (like 5 hours) and real life in a day and am so looking forward to the forth book. I even got my librarian and my teacher into your books.
    before I read your books I never had any ideas for writing stories but when I read thieves my teacher even noticed my writing ideas were getting better and I owe that all to you thanks.
    Ella West YOU are my favourite author and will still keep recommending your books to my friends!!

  42. Emily

    I love loved the thieves trilogy, but oh my lord, i was sitting there at the end of real life literally gaping. I like cried. I finished it like a year ago and i still want to cry about it. It like ruined my life.(not like actually haha :’) It was devastating, heartbreaking, when Nicky only saved herself. I understand that Paul was in pain and couldn’t travel, but seriously, like wow i was so shocked like, talk about a plot twist!
    it was also sad how Paul starting ignoring Nicky earlier, but still. Jake and Nicky were quite cute…?
    So everyone but her dies?
    Also, have these books been published world-wide or just here in NZ? Thanks for writing, I just may do a book report on one for my English internal XD

    • Does everyone but Nicky die????? Start reading Finder Seeker on this blog and find out! Glad you loved the books. They were published in New Zealand and Australia but are available as ebooks. Good luck with your English book report – any questions let me know.
      all the best

  43. Bree

    Hi I love the book I’m 11 and I’m now reading real life it is amazing have or are you going to make another one I’m making a essay on you so I was wondering how many books have you wrote and what got u into writing p.s your amazing I read night vision then thieves they are awesome 🙂 from Bree 🙂 please reply thanks

    • Hi Bree
      How many books have I written or how many have been published?! Such a different question! The books of mine that have been published so far are The Thieves Trilogy which are Thieves, Anywhere But Here and Real Life and then there’s Night Vision which came out last year. I have written a couple of other books which are at various publishers (fingers crossed) and almost finished another book. What got me into writing? Hmm. I think people tend to do the things they enjoy and are good at and I enjoy writing and I think I’m okay at it so I did it and I was lucky enough to get published first time (and then got amazing feedback like yours) so I kept doing it and hopefully will be able to keep doing it.
      Hope that helps. All the best with your essay.

  44. Bree

    Thanks Ella
    I was just wondering if you answer me what make you think of writing the book and how do you come up with ideas for your story and last one why did you start writing young adult book ?? it would be great if you could please answer these question as soon as possible thanks
    Bree 🙂

    • I get ideas from all sorts of things but mostly they start off with “what if” questions. In the case of Night Vision I saw a documentary about kids with XP and I started thinking about what kids would see if they only go out at night and how their lives would be different to the lives of other kids. With Thieves, I just wanted to write an action book. I wanted to blow things up, get people shot, so I started thinking about what if a kid, or a group of kids, could do things no one else could do (travel). What would happen to them when adults found about it. Why do I write young adult? – I don’t know. I’ve only ever written young adult books successfully so now I don’t have the courage to try adult maybe. I like the sense of wonder, of anything can happen, of possibilities, of hope that young adult fiction has. Plus they’re shorter so easier to write and you get to visit kids in schools and talk about your books. It’s all great fun. Writing adult books would be so serious!

  45. Bree

    hi Ella West sorry to ask you again but I only need three more question for my essay so it would be great if you could just answer these last three, ok the first one is how long have you been writing for and how long does it to write not publish a book around about the time and the last one is if you were not a writer or journalist what would you be ??? thanks so much( your a life saver 🙂 ) thanks bree 🙂

    • I’ve been writing seriously for about 15 years. I write about 1000 words a day so for a book that is as long as Night Vision which is 40,000 words that means about 40 days of work although there is always proof reading and editing and thinking (lots of thinking!) on top of that. Thieves is a bit longer at about 50,000 words. If I wasn’t a writer or a journalist? I don’t know. My husband is a farmer so maybe I would help him out more (although I’m not very good at it) or maybe a photographer or work in theatre. But probably a lawyer. Hope all this helps!
      all the best

  46. Olivia jack

    Hey Ella u came to st canices and showed us your latest book it sounds amazing

    • Hi Olivia
      It was great to be back at St Canices in Westport – I loved meeting you all and seeing Mr Townrow again. When you get the chance to read my book tell me what you think of it!
      all the best

  47. Georgia

    Hi ella I am reading your book Night Vision for the read aloud and I was wondering if you could recommend another book of your for me to read.

    thank you very much

    • Hi Georgia
      Read Aloud is so cool – am loving what you kids are doing with Night Vision. The only other books I’ve had published is the Thieves Trilogy which you can find out about on this blog – Thieves, Anywhere But Here and Real Life. I hope to have another book published next year but I don’t know yet – it’s up to the publisher. So sorry.

  48. Ella

    Hi Ella
    I have recently been reading your new novel ‘Night Vision’ with the rest of my class and it is a fantastic thriller. I would have never wanted to read a thriller but ‘Night Vision’ has changed that. I have just picked up ‘Thieves’ and I cant wait to start reading it. For my friend birthday I have bought her ‘Night Vision’ and I know she’ll like it.


  49. Hi Ella,

    I was searching the web for an online version of the Thieves Trilogy and I came across your website and read through some of the other comments and saw you had replied back; it’s so kind and I thought I would like to write something to you too. 🙂 I was wondering, did Nicky actually love Jake or Paul, or both? And did everyone else die apart from her? In the dream where Nicky was on the beach and Jake was on a hospital bed in the ocean, what was the meaning behind it? Another thing, well I got so excited when I saw that Nicky was from New Zealand (I live there) as the story is set elsewhere. What made you to make her kiwi? – Not many people know of this country.

    Next year I’m going to high school and I want to improve in my English, which is why I’m reading lots of books. (In previous years, I haven’t been a big reader) The librarian at school recommend me the series, so I decided to read it. I found it so amazing and recommended it to a friend of mine, who loves it as well. Thank you for giving me the joy of reading your books and I hope you write more! Thank you.

    Yours faithfully,

    • Sorry, I don’t think the online version is available anymore – the series is officially “out of print”. To buy the books ring University Book Shop in Dunedin and they can send copies anywhere in the country (or the world!) Hmm, Nicky did love Paul and she loved Jake – I think you fall in love with the people you need and in the books Nicky’s needs change. I think she would have always fallen for Jake right at the start but he was with Tina. In the fourth book, it makes sense a lot more (still to find a publisher for the fourth book but things are happening . . .) Of course Nicky is from New Zealand – so am I and will always be proud of it. It’s Nicky against the world!
      And yes, I’m still writing books – there’s Night Vision which got published by Allen & Unwin in 2014 and won lots of prizes last year and today my agent just sent a new book to them and (coincidence!!!!) one of the characters is called Stella – I’m not kidding. Fingers crossed the publisher likes it!
      PS I love your librarian!

  50. Stella

    Hi, uh also do you think maybe you could come and visit my school to talk about your books? It would be lovely! Thanks


  51. Stella

    I go to Kohia Terrace School (In Auckland) Thanks. 😀

  52. Olivia :D

    Hi Ella,

    I am from the same school as Stella and I was just reading your conversation with her and I was wondering what time does Auckland Writers Festival School’s Programme start and finish?

    Thank you,

    Olivia 😀

    P.s: I really love your books! They are so good!!!

    • Hi Olivia and Stella!
      If your school is not coming to the festival no problem – I’m in Auckland the whole week so hopefully we could catch up some time? Either Monday (May 9) afternoon or late Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon or maybe in the weekend (I fly out mid-afternoon Sunday, May 15). I’m staying in central Auckland and won’t have transport but I’m sure we could figure something out. I’ll email you.
      all the best

  53. Grace

    Hey Ella,
    I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your books and I really hope you continue to find a publisher because I know there’s a lot of people that would love to read a fourth book!! I’ve told all my friends about it and they love them almost as much as I do. Keep doing what you’re doing and goodluck!! (:

    • I’m still working on it but things are happening, and fingers crossed, will start to happen a little bit more quickly. Great to hear you loved the books!

  54. Izzy

    HI Ella! I’ve just read theives and it was the best book i ever read! Every night after reading i wouldn’t get to sleep because i wanted to read more and was thinking about would happen next. Right now i’m half way through ” anywhere but here ” and i’m looking forward to ” real lifes ” ! Also on top of your pile of books your writing, I was hoping you could make another book like the thieves series!
    Thanks Izzy!

    • Hey Izzy
      So glad you’re loving the Thieves series! When you’ve finished it (and hopefully you won’t hate me for the ending – let me know what you think please!) there is Night Vision which is a really different book and I’m writing more books so keep in touch.
      All the best

      • Izzy

        HI Ella,
        I’ve just finished real life and im bursting to know what happens to Jake, Tine, Paul and Shelley. I was hoping you could reply back with what happens or find some other way because i really want to know!!!! If your making a fourth book ill be getting excited!
        Thanks Izzy 🙂

      • Hi Izzy
        I knew you would be asking that! Yes there is a fourth book but we’re just waiting for a few things to happen and hopefully everything will come together fingers crossed!

  55. Kayla Farr

    Hi there can you please answer some questions i have we are doing a school project and i decided to do you.

    how long have you been writing books for??

    when did you decide to become a author??

    How many awards have you won???

    If you could get back to me as soon as possible that would be great thanks.


  56. sarah

    i wonder if shes going to write another night vision book

  57. Pingback: Anywhere But Here, Ella West – Hooked on New Zealand Books

  58. Izzy Hewett

    Hey Ella,
    Is there a forth book to this series?

  59. Izzy Hewett

    Hi Ella,
    It’s izzy here again and even tho it’s been a while since I finished real life’s i still think about it and even want to read te series again! It was so good but I still really want to know if u are writin a forth book and if u are when do u think it will come out??
    Thanks heaps izzy! 🙂

    • Hi Izzy
      I know, I’m not patient either!!!!! Fingers crossed things will start to happen and there will be a fourth book published (and a fifth and a sixth)!!!!! I’ll let you know!

  60. Claudia

    Where can I find real life in new Zealand the library’s don’t have it and I can’t find anywhere that I can download it but I love the other books help!!!

    • Hi Claudia
      Don’t panic! NZ libraries do have the book but it probably won’t be on the shelves anymore – it will be in what they call the stack. All books after they are 10 years old go into the stack. Either do an online search of your library’s catalogue or ask at the front desk for it. If they don’t have it they can do what is called an interloan and get it from another library. If you want to buy it ring or email University Book Shop in Dunedin – they have copies
      Hope all this helps – get back to me if you still have problems.
      all the best

  61. Holly

    Hello Ella

    I have no idea if you still post on here but oh well.

    I read your books a few years back and loved them. I reread them a few times after that and reread them recently again.

    I’ve been to a million second hand book stores to try and buy them for myself but have had no luck. I was just wondering if there was anyway I could get them.

    Thanks so much for a fabulous series:)


    • Hi Holly
      Great to hear from you. I am keeping an eye on this blog but am getting a website so am kind of phasing it out. My new website is but Google is still trying to find it – it won’t come up in searches yet. Hopefully this will get fixed soon but please have a look at the website and let me know what you think.
      You can get the second and third books of the Thieves series, Anywhere But Here and Real Life, from the University Book Shop in Dunedin (they even mail overseas) but the first book, Thieves, I’m sorry is gone. I only have two copies left myself.
      PS Let me know what you think of my website

  62. David

    hi Ella we have been reading your books in class and I loved them so much I started to read them at home I have only started Thieves but I love it already. PS do you have any recommended books for me to read?

    • Hi David
      Great to hear from you and great to hear you are reading my books in class – wow! Of course there are the other two Thieves books – Anywhere but Here and Real Life which you have to read to find out what happens to Nicky. I’ve also written a thriller about a girl who lives on a sheep farm who witnesses a murder. It’s called Night Vision. My new book, another teen thriller, Rain Fall is due out January which I’m really excited about. Other books by other writers? Hmmm – you may like the Every series by Australian author Ellie Marney and I’m still walking around amazed after reading Jennifer Niven’s All the Bright Places. I think it’s my book of the year so far. Hey, if your school want to skype me or something just get in touch. Would be great.
      all the best

  63. Hannah

    Hi Ella,

    I’m doing a 1.10 reading response on Thieves tomorrow, could you list the main themes and ideas you wanted to show in this book and how you related it to the real world.

    • Hi Hannah
      Hmmm. Not sure what a 1.10 reading response is here so I’m guessing (and I also don’t want to do your homework for you!) but maybe something along the idea of whether it is morally right to exploit the gifted, the politics of care and control (the Project looks after and cares for the teenagers but doesn’t allow them to leave), and whether anything (the Project) can be entirely good or entirely evil, or are most things a bit of both (the Project helps find lost children but also keeps the teenagers imprisoned). I think the Project is an extreme example of how gifted kids (think golf, tennis maybe, dance) are looked after so they can perform to their best but are the kids always given the choice to stop if they want to? Maybe think about some of the gifted kids around you – do they always have a choice about what they do? What is the price they pay to continue doing what they are good at? (I’m thinking not going to parties late at night, always eating the right food, all that training). Hope this helps and all the best!

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