Confession Time

If anyone is wondering why there hasn’t been new chapters of Finder Seeker put up on this blog on the first of the month as usual it’s not because I’ve been slacking or I don’t know how to the end the book or anything like that. I have finished it and it is a great ending but (sigh) if I put up the last two chapters (yes there are two) then someone could pinch the whole thing off this blog and I couldn’t do anything about it. So I’m sorry, like I’m really sorry and I don’t know what I can do about it. Besides the last two chapters I have gone through the whole book and rewritten the really crappy parts (there were lots of those) and fixed all the mistakes and added stuff which needed to be added so anyone out there who does want to steal it – it’s not really worth it. I am trying to get it published (publishers out there who are reading this you know what to do!) but these things take time. Fingers crossed. And sorry.



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6 responses to “Confession Time

  1. Hi Ella. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve decided not to post up the conclusion. I was very much looking forward to it. =(

    However, I work in the digital domain a lot, and I can assure you that your fears are unfounded. For someone to pinch Finder Seeker off your blog would be the equivalent of someone trying to pinch Thieves from the printed book.

    In both cases, you are protected by the fact you own the copyright, and in the case of publishing the story on your blog, the digital date stamps prove that you conceived of the story first. The Fair Use doctrine applies.

    So do go ahead and post up the conclusion of Finder Seeker as you originally planned. In the meantime, you can also continue pitching the reworked manuscript to publishers.

    It’s a win-win either way. =)

    • Hi John
      I understand what you are saying but even though the work is protected by copyright laws, at least in New Zealand, it’s not something I would want to fight or have to worry about. With Thieves that is my publisher job, as they own the copyright. Having the full story up on the blog could also put off potential traditional publishers of the book. One publisher has already told me this when I was starting it. And that is the ultimate goal – traditional publishing as I reach far more readers that way than by ebooks. I know, weird in this digital age but that’s the way it is.

  2. Another Kiwi author, Kate Lattey, posted a recent one she did as a writing project over Easter on Wattpad. Seems to be an option as you can’t copy it?

    • Hi Bettina
      I know, there are lots of ways of doing it and that’s what I might do one day but at the moment I have my fingers crossed for a good old paperback.

  3. Grace

    Hi Ella,
    I was just wondering if I could get an update on how it’s going with this book. Last night I finished the third book of the series and then found your blog and I heard there was a fourth book. (I didn’t know this however when I sent a comment saying you should write a fourth one 😂) I’ve finished all of what you’ve given us and can’t wait for the ending as I know it’s going to be amazing!!! Again, I really hope that you continue to try find a publisher. ( Or if you’ve found one to try get the book out there!) Never forget that there are people out there who would absolutely love to read the last book (: Good luck! X

    • I know!!!! And I really want to get this book out for you guys, and a fifth book and a sixth book! And we’re working on it, believe me. It’s looking promising but nothing definite yet sorry. But when I have news, if I can pull this off, it will be big. Believe me it will be huge!

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