Almost at the end

Chapter 21 is up. Hope you enjoy. Only a couple of chapters to go. Always sad when you get to the end of a book – you don’t get to spend time with your characters anymore. Sigh.



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3 responses to “Almost at the end

  1. Shaun Barr

    Dear Ella West,

    I am a massive fan of your books. I’m sorry, but I don’t have a Kindle or any of that other technology stuff. And I really like your books. I tried to buy them from Random House but Nile, Fishpond and all the other websites listed say that they don’t have any. When Long Acre Press was bought by Random House did that mean they stopped printing the books? I’ve tried everywhere I can think of, but since Long Acre is no longer around I can’t seem to locate any. Also I’m interested in being a writer, and I was wondering if you right in garamond in the manuscript phase or they placed it into the books afterwards. Really happy about finder seeker! And could you ask Random House if they would print some books and send them out to main bookstores. The only place I can find your books is in the library of my old school and they bought them when Long Acre was still around.

    • Hi Shaun
      I’ve emailed so hopefully will get some books to you. It’s no problem. I type in good old fashioned Times Roman but it doesn’t really matter what you do it in for a manuscript as long as it is not too out there (I don’t suggest Arial Black for example). The publisher then puts it into the typeface that they want when designing the page layout etc. With film scripts it’s really important to do the right thing but not with novels. Random and Penguin are going through merger upheavals which, I think (hope) when sorted, will make books available again. Glad you love the Thieves series. And I’ve got my fingers crossed something will happen with Finder Seeker.
      all the best

      • Shaun Barr

        Dear Ella,

        Thanks for your reply. I hope they get their act together – i’m half considering theft. I actually read the books to do my brother’s English assignment. And the books would really have mass market appeal if they made it to a main chain bookstore. Especially since you were writing first person present before the hunger games made it popular.
        Warm regards,

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