Another chapter up

And we’re up to Chapter Fifteen. I would like to thank MythBusters for helping with this chapter – the other day on TV they were trying to prove or disprove some myth (was it shooting from the hip like the cowboys do in the movies?) and they explained the Weaver Stance which is the best way to shoot a hand gun. I googled it and they were right (thanks Jamie, Adam and Google). It was developed by Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Jack Weaver during freestyle pistol competition in Southern California during the late 1950s. So the Weaver Stance is what Nicky learns in this chapter. Hope you enjoy it. And don’t try it at home!



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4 responses to “Another chapter up

  1. Loretta Gully

    Hi Ella
    I am the Library Assistant at Wanganui Girls’ College and we are trying to get a copy of Real Life, our local bookshop says it is out of print. I see your books are all able to be bought as ebooks, but as yet we don’t have the platform.
    Have you any ideas for us??

    • Hi Loretta
      I was talking this morning to Random House which is now the publisher (they bought Longacre) and they said they definitely have all three books in stock. They are not out of print. They suggested going to PaperPlus or any independent bookshop and ask them to order the books for you. If you have trouble ring Random House 09 441 2710.
      Hope this helps
      get back to me if you have problems
      and am glad the kids are still enjoying the books!

      • Loretta Gully

        Hi Ella
        My book supplier says she has phoned Random and they haven’t got a copy of Real Life. We don’t want an ebook at this stage, so I will keep a looking.
        Thanks for your help.

      • You’re right – Random House does have copies of Thieves and Anywhere But Here but have run out of Real Life. However, I still have a few copies so am sending you one in the mail today. Hope the girls enjoy it!
        all the best

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