. . . and just something else I’ve been doing

Night Vision cover

My new book Night Vision (which has nothing to do with Thieves so don’t get that excited) is out now in the bookshops in Australia and New Zealand and will be in Italy by the end of the year and who knows where else! (You can also buy it as an ebook at Amazon etc). Check out Ella West on facebook and friend me and you can message me whatever you want.

Night Vision is about a 14-year-old girl who lives on a Canterbury sheep farm (so there are lots of stuff about sheep and sheep dogs and possum shooting (we’re allowed to do that in New Zealand)) and she plays the viola (so there are lots about music) and she has a genetic condition which means her skin can’t handle sunlight so she only goes out at night (so there’s lots about moreporks and wild pigs and all the other animals that are around at night) oh, and she witnesses what she thinks is a murder which is really what the story is about, but I enjoyed writing about all the other stuff too.

So, it’s different to Thieves but still great, I think, I hope. Anyway, find me on facebook and tell me what you think.

all the best



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10 responses to “. . . and just something else I’ve been doing

  1. Congratulations on publishing such a fantastic book!

    I’ve bought a copy from Amazon, and I read it in just a few sittings. Also left you a review. Glad to be the first. =)

  2. racheljlord

    Wow, loved Night Vision. Had it recommended by Bob Docherty at the South Island Children’s and Young Adult’s Librarians Conference in Balclutha recently. Cool girl Viola, great ending, and learnt heaps about sheep farming!

    • Yeah, Bob’s really promoting my book everywhere which is lovely and I feel very humbled by it. Glad you enjoyed the book and the sheep farming stuff and hopefully enjoyed the music too – find it on YouTube. It’s amazing.

  3. Aimee

    Our NZReadAloud has chosen your book as our Term Three book, connecting many classes across New Zealand to the same book at the same time. I’ll send you the link (when the secret book is announced) so you can follow. EXCITED!

  4. racheljlord

    Big congratulations for your LIANZA win for the YA category – well done 🙂

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