Chapter Two!

Hi everyone
I was stuck in an airport the other day and there was only one thing to do – write the second chapter of the new Thieves book!!!!! And it’s on this blog – on the Finder Seeker page, just scroll down and you’ll find it, or read the first chapter again because it’s been so long you’ve probably forgotten what’s in it. I am so sorry, but without any interest in this book from publishers, it went to the bottom of my to-do list and there it has stayed for months. But no longer! Well, my to-do list is still pretty long, but I promise Finder Seeker will stray to the top far more than it has been. Hope you enjoy the second chapter and apologies for any spelling/grammar mistakes and typos. As I said, I haven’t got a publisher for this and they usually supply the proof reader!
all the best


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  1. Looking forward to the full story!

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