April already!

Wow, I haven’t put a new post up since New Year and now it’s April. Sorry!
So, what’s been happening? I got my royalty cheque from my publisher the other day (they send them out twice a year) and I had sold one ebook! To start with I was pretty excited because I have never sold an ebook before and then I thought – what, only one? Then I looked at the dates the royalties were for and the six month period ended just as Thieves went up on Amazon and Kobo and every other site so, really, one was okay. I’ve started! The whole series can now be bought as ebooks (have a look at the “Where to Buy” page of this blog) and it will be interesting to see how they go. How many teens have ebook readers or are you reading books or your phones or other gadgets? Let me know please?
Hope school is going okay for the year. Stop grouching and just get on with it is my advice. It is not for the rest of your lives!
all the best



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3 responses to “April already!

  1. Congratulations! Here’s to more e-book sales for the coming year. =)

  2. G

    Thanks for your books I am reading Theives to my son who has mild dyslexia but loves sifi.

    • So many kids love scifi! And I must admit so did I when I was a kid. All the best and I’m glad you like the book. Hopefully you can get a hold of the following two because he’ll want to know what happens next!

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