Okay, maybe ebooks aren’t so bad

That earlier post about ebooks, hmm, can I reconsider my position here?  I ask this because I have just signed an ebook contract with my publisher (they approached me) for the three Thieves books which has got me to thinking of the possibilities.  There is no release date yet but the intention is there and if the ebook version of the trilogy sells well, then maybe, this is the way forward for the fourth book.  I don’t know.  Who reading this has an ebook reader?  Would a fourth book as an ebook be okay?  Please tell me.



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6 responses to “Okay, maybe ebooks aren’t so bad

  1. I already have your Thieves trilogy in paperback, but I would buy them again on e-book format. In a heartbeat. =)

    The fact that you have already a backlist means you’re primed for digital success if your publisher handles things right.

  2. Hi John
    I so hope you’re right. I just don’t know if teens are reading ebooks. I’ve certainly never seen one read an ebook. Maybe overseas? Have you got any stats?

  3. Hi Ella

    At the moment, I’m finding that e-books are primarily an American and British phenomenon. They’ve been very quick to adopt the technology in large numbers. And, yes, that includes youngsters as well — they are not only reading on dedicated readers, but on tablets and smartphones as well.

    Perhaps my own experience might be of some encouragement. I launched my ebook, The Blasphemer, as an Amazon exclusive in January, and I sold over 2000 copies in three months.

    From the data, it appears that 80% of my readership is American, 10% is British and the other 10% come from other countries.

    What surprised me the most is the strong interest Americans have in New Zealand genre fiction. They are intrigued by it, yet find it almost impossible to acquire in their bookstores.

    For example, I recently got an email from a reader who said she loved my work and wanted to read fiction by other Kiwi authors. I mentioned your name, and she tried to search for the Thieves series on Amazon, but it wasn’t available. =(

    So that’s certainly an obstacle that e-books can help overcome, especially if you’re looking to break into the American market.

    • Wow, 2000 copies! That’s exciting and if it had been sold from New Zealand book shop shelves then it would be on our best seller list.

      I think you’re right about the American market. The number of hits I get on this blog from the US is amazing, especially as the books are not available there. Fingers crossed the ebook release goes well.

  4. Yes, it’s a very exciting time for indie and midlist authors.

    Personally, I don’t feel that going digital means that you’re forsaking print books. In fact, what I’m seeing is that people who love the e-book edition will then go on to buy the print edition as a keepsake.

    Provided your books have good cover designs, good descriptions and are priced competitively, there’s no reason why you can’t expand your readership and get a toehold in new markets. =)

  5. Jeannie Trebilcock

    Okay, I’ve never done this blog thing before! ‘Ella’, my students often read ebooks on their iphones. We, the Language Arts team, thought of buying a class set, but couldn’t wrap our minds around losing out on actual books. there is something about holding a book. Also, something kind of interesting is some books are being stolen! Hey, how can you get mad at kids for stealing a book because they love it so much! Would that happen with an ebook? So, I guess I’m with you on the love of books. but I also understand the desirability of electronics. Good luck with your eseries!

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