Not giving up . . .

I got more fan mail today . . .

Hi Ella!:)

I came across your books accidentally but immediately fell in love with them! They are so great and keep you on edge all the time! I couldn’t keep my nose out of them.  They were just so awesome!  I absolutely agree with everyone else 100% about a fourth book and more as well! Just to let you know I think Nicky and Paul were great together.


. . . which made me think again about how much everyone wants a fourth book.  I just want you all to know I’m really trying and every time you guys send stuff to my blog or email the publisher of the first three books (Random House New Zealand – they bought out Longacre) it all helps.  (Thank you so much Ayssa for your email to Random House – they forwarded it to me!  It was such an awesome email.)

So keep sending them and keep passing the books to your friends and talking about them and hopefully, very soon, things will start happening.



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  1. Alyssa

    I’m glad you (and Random House) got it! and I’m really happy that you’re not giving up either 🙂

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