Sitting down to write a story, well, if any of you have ever tried it, you know it’s not easy.  There are so many distractions.  I write usually in my office at home so there are emails to read and answer, visiting neighbours to talk to, the washing to be hung out, cups of tea to be made, more emails, the occasional tremor from Christchurch (yes – we feel them even down here in Dunedin and start worrying), more emails, the washing to be brought in, another cup of tea, emails – you get the idea.  But now there is a far bigger distraction.  It’s lambing time and we have a flock of about 40 ewes in the paddock just outside my office window doing their thing.  Except sometimes they don’t do their thing and they need help and then it’s do I run out and try to pull out the lamb (having to catch the ewe first) or do I wait a little bit longer because she doesn’t really need my help and is just taking her time but then nothing is happening so maybe she’s not lambing but then again . . .

I’ll be glad when lambing is over.


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