The fourth book

Got this comment from a reader called Jasmine on the blog during the weekend and instead of it being lost at the bottom of the page I thought I’d put it right at the top.  Thanks Jasmine for writing and yes, I want there to be a fourth book too!

Hi Ella
I love the Thieves series. The first one I read was Real Life because there were two copies in the library at my school and me and my friend were looking for a book there were two of so we could  see who could read it the fastest. We had no idea what the book was about and did not understand it at all!
BUT I discovered the other books in the library and read them both in like one day. Please, pretty, pretty please can you write a fourth book? If this publisher who is not saying yes is a big problem then show him\her our comments.  With this many people wanting there to be another book how can he\she say no? And there is bound to be a lot of people who don’t have computers or  have not found this website who agree with us. But yeah no pressure. Thank you for writing such good books.


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  1. grandpa

    yay just ffinished third book! and fourthh book would probz be EPIC/INTENSE! xx

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