Just keep writing

Been reading Roald Dahl’s biography (yes still reading it although have stopped started a few times to read a few other books) and what is really amazing is all the stuff he worked on that was never successful.  Did you know he had a film with Walt Disney in the 1940s that never got made, he wrote two adult novels that flopped in the 1940s and 1950s and he had a play that came out just after Look Back in Anger that didn’t run because John Osborne had changed the nature of British theatre?  He got depressed, he got grumpy, he sacked agents – he had lots and lots of failures.  But he kept on writing.  If he hadn’t we wouldn’t have Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the amazing short stories.  So just keep writing.  Remember Roald Dahl.

Talking of writing, I’ve spent the day cleaning up my office and beginning to seriously think the only reason I have is to avoid writing. 

Must get on with book.

Tomorrow – maybe.


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