The last day

Well, it’s Friday, 13 August, which, besides being Friday the thirteenth, is also my last day at the University of Otago as the children’s writer in residence.  I’m tidying up the office, looking out the window lots and trying to come to terms with the end of it all – although it only really means a change of desk and a change of computer (at least that’s what I’m telling myself).  Instead of writing at the university I will be writing at home and having morning tea with the cat, if she will join me.  The car will stay in the garage instead of travelling over the hill to its university car park.  But I will still be writing.  Besides the wonderful people who have worked next to me on the second floor of the College of Education’s tower block at the university, I must admit, I will miss the printer.  The stack of paper I have printed out for proof reading is huge and today is getting assigned to the shredding bin.  At least it’s recycled paper, and will be recycled again.

The 2011 children’s writer in residence won’t be announced until next month so I have no one to welcome, but whoever it is, I wish them all the best.  It’s been fun – and productive!


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