The Hardest Skill of All

Last in the big three is perseverance.  And it’s the tough one.  You need perseverance to finish the novel, sitting down writing it page by page, thousand words by thousand words.  If you give up, if you decide it’s too hard then that is it – the story will never get told.  You need perseverance when you proof your manuscript for the tenth time when you are thoroughly sick of reading it and reading it but you know you must because you’re still finding mistakes.  Perseverance is needed when you’ve sent all those pages to the publisher and three months have passed and you haven’t heard from them and your fingers keep hovering over your computer keyboard wanting to write the “I was just wondering . . .” email.  And then you must have perseverance when the publisher says no.  If you don’t, you won’t repackage it up and post it to another publisher for  another three to six month wait.  If you don’t have perseverance, don’t do this game.  Stop right now or maybe at least try to be really, really lucky.


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  1. Pen

    Perseverance and Patience. You definitely need both these virtues as a writer and a would-be author.

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