Number Two

Okay, number two of the things you must have as a writer, and a lot of people will argue this one, is luck.  You may be the best writer in the world, your prose is beautiful, your dialogue sparkling, your plots have more twists and turns than the dungeons at Hogwarts but you must have luck to get the right publisher to read it, you must have luck that your book is the one they have been looking for to publish, luck that it comes out in a year that other celebrated writers haven’t put out their book so yours gets into the book awards and so it goes on.  Luck is huge, don’t ever forget it.  Writing is a hard business to be involved in and there is nothing better than having luck on your side.



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2 responses to “Number Two

  1. My daughter gave me your blog on writing. I have taught a number
    of different writing courses over the years, and one thing that I have
    told students is to FINISH what they start, then fix it. That seems to
    be a problem for most writing students whether it is a college course
    in report writing or fiction.

    I took lots of fiction writing courses in grad school, and my prof
    for all of those courses preached FINISH WHAT YOU WRITE.
    I wrote a novel in about 12 weeks. It wasn’t a great novel, but
    it was readable, and most importantly, I finished it. I have never
    had time to try another one, but I plan to try very soon.

    Thanks for all your comments on writing; they should help a lot of

    One highly published author did tell me that you had to be a reader
    in order to write well.


    • Yes, I agree – finish it and then hide it on a shelf somewhere if it is truly awful (the first book I ever wrote is somewhere on my shelves in my office under a whole heap of paper). But learn from it and then write another and keep doing that until you write something that is so amazingly good it has to be published.

      Yes also to being a reader but I do find when I’m writing lots I’m not reading anything except my own book – the one I’m working on. I can only keep one voice and one story aloud in my head.

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