The Holy Trinity

To be a successful writer you need three things.  Whenever I’m teaching I always mention them because they are so important and you have to keep them in the back of your mind.  I won’t take credit for the three but I can’t remember where I first heard about them so apologies to whoever first figured them out.  But please, take a bow.

The first one of the trinity is craft and is a no-brainer really.  If you can’t write then it isn’t going to happen.  And writing is a craft.  It is not something you are born with – a mysterious gift or talent.  Writing a novel is a skill that must be learned – from putting together a sentence to plotting the book so the reader keeps on turning your pages.  Don’t expect to write a great novel first time out, don’t even expect to write a moderately good one.  But each one you write should get better.  You are learning a craft and don’t ever forget it.

 Will blog about two and three of the trinity in the next few days.  Got to get back to writing.


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