Sorry, but I’ve been writing…

I know, I haven’t blogged for weeks and I keep on meaning to but I’ve been writing, heaps, so please accept my apology.  Sometimes, you do wonder, where the words come from – how did that story idea emerge, why those characters.  Sometimes, pieces seem to write themselves.  I think it is best not to question the why and the how and just be glad it happened.  So that’s why I haven’t blogged. I have been writing and not thinking about much else.

What I was going to blog about several weeks ago was one of the unexpected pleasures of being a writer – talking to people about what I do.  In the one week I talked to a group of Malaysian students here at the University’s College of Education and the South Dunedin Probus group.  I always feel I should prepare a speech or at least write notes before talking to groups but I never seem to get around to it (like this blog!) and afterwards am always glad I didn’t.  Each group always has their own questions and want to know about particular things and to let them have an insight into writing and publishing is a lot of fun.  Some people believe that once anyone finishes a novel publishers are obligated to publish it no matter what (I usually answer that one with hysterical laughter), others think that books in New Zealand make a lot of money (see last response).  Others assume I want to be the next J K Rowling (well, yes but . . .)  I don’t know if any of these talks do anything for my book sales but making people laugh is a lot of fun.  Maybe I’m in the wrong job.  Maybe I should be a comedian.



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6 responses to “Sorry, but I’ve been writing…

  1. Aimee


    I just finished read your last Thieves trilogy. I really love Thieves and Anywhere but Here.They are very turn-paging and I am glad I sacrificed my night for that books. However, I am not satisfied how the trilogy is ended. I expect something more from Real Life. I don’t want Nicky to be like that. It is also a bit draggy.
    Your are my second favourite NZ writer!!!!!!!!!! Hope can see you for the next semester! Can’t wait for that.

  2. Aimee

    How can Nicky becomes a very selfish girl? She does not look like that in Thieves and Anywhere but Here. I really hope that Nicky will stay with Paul or Jake or probably she flies back to NZ. I really hope the ending will probably that Nicky stays under a tree in a garden and reminisces about her memories with her friends in Project and reflects what she has done or what she wants to do with her power.

    I think this is the ending that I want but I am also agreed with your ending because it is very unexpected and it shows how a real 15 -years-old girl thinks (unplanned and always follow her emotion)…

    • I think in the books Nicky has tried to be what Jake wants, she’s tried to be what Paul wants, she’s tried to be what the Project wants and in the end she realises she has to be herself – she stands on the rock in the desert and declares that she is a traveller but she knows that isn’t all she is, she is so much more than that. What I wanted to show was that in the end, you have to be yourself – you can’t rely on others, you can’t always do what they say to do. You have to make your own decisions. And that’s why it’s called Real Life. Nicky has to find her own real life, not Paul’s, not Jake’s.
      Does that make sense?
      And I have got to ask – who is your favourite New Zealand writer?!

      • Aimee

        Okay…I agree and respect with your idea about Nicky. I have discussed about Real Life with my friend. She also expects the same thing like I want at the end of the story. Hahaha….Maybe it is because we feel so tired after read this trilogy and expect something that can give us a real satisfaction. It is hard to explain but as a reader I can feel that (probably not you because you are the writer….hahaha)

        I am quite new with NZ writers but my favourite NZ writer right now is Nigel Latta. His novel, Execution Lullaby really affected my life. It changed my perception about life, love, people, law and so much more. I really hope that he write more novel after this.

        Btw, what inspire you to write this trilogy? You got the idea after watched Heroes or Jumper (the film)? I am quite curious about that.

      • Thieves was written before Heroes and Jumper the film (which is based on a novel by the same name). I had not heard of or seen/read either.

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