Still checking those facts . . .

Just been to see Julie Butler at the Alzheimer’s Society in Dunedin this morning.  I gave her the manuscript of Absorbed to read last week to make sure I had all the facts right in the book about Alzheimer’s and instead of just reading the marked pages she had read the whole story and enjoyed it.  But the best news is I got the facts right, even more so than I thought.  In the book I needed a disease that James would die of, one that has no known cure, but was also reasonably rare.  The last thing I wanted was a disease a teenager who was reading the book might have.  Imagine that!  The only one I could think of was Alzheimer’s (I did have some friends who came up with some medical conditions with very long, weird names and symptoms that would have taken pages to explain).  However I was really worried teenagers couldn’t get the disease so the whole story would be written off.  But, according to the Alzheimer’s Society, there have been two cases in Australian teenagers so all is good (except for those teenagers of course).  She was also glad I had thought of using Alzheimer’s as the more awareness of the disease the better.  Yay!


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