Meanwhile . . .

Well, with the draft of Absorbed finished, what am I doing?  A friend once said being a writer is like always having homework and that is so true!  While I wait for the manuscript to get read by a few more people, I’m working on a play.  It’s not easy.  Actually, it’s horrific.  My novel has about 55,000 words, the play – a full-length comedy – has about 16,000.  Easy, you would think.  You can write between 2000 and 3000 words a day so you should be able to knock that off in a week.  If only it was that simple.  Every word in this play has been agonised over, written, rewritten, and rewritten again.  There are only four main characters (in Absorbed there is ten) but each of their relationships with each other has been analysed and reworked and analysed again.  Someone said to me the other day they wanted to write a play – they could write dialogue and they could write prose so surely there wasn’t a lot more than that was there?  I smiled politely, excused myself from their presence and then, once out of their hearing, laughed hysterically.

Oh well.  Back to it.


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