“It’s great”

Phew, my book has been read, from the first page of one-sided, double spaced, 12pt print with good-sized margins to the last page and the reader liked it.  She wrote lots of stuff all over the pages (those wide, empty margins are really to hard to ignore) which has been great, found the odd spelling mistake (eke instead of eek and the one I seem to do all the time – aircraft hangars and not spelt the same as those you hang your clothes on!) and even better – redundant words (“She was waiting outside on the lawn”).  But the plot is okay, the story works, yes she couldn’t put it down and had to keep reading so I’m happy.  Am sleeping again and smiling and thinking of publishers.

My grandmother died at the weekend.  She was 94 and her last few years have been filled with pain but we’re all going to miss her, especially her courage and how she always kept her head held high, even when she physically couldn’t.  I’m dedicating the book to her.  She had tried to read Thieves but her eyesight was failing her.  However, I know she was proud of me and what I have done, just as she was proud of all of her grandchildren.



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2 responses to ““It’s great”

  1. Pen

    Thanks for sharing. Grandmothers are wonderful creatures and infuse our lives with so much colour. I adore mine.

    Great to here the book looks good. It is always a relief and a cause of much walking-on-cloud-feeling when readers get excited about our work. Good for you.

  2. You’ll be delighted about the book, but you never know, some houses might have lawn inside.

    Your grandmother sounded like a wonderful woman. Cherish the good memories.

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