Thank you to Google

I like Google.  If Google was a person I would give him a big hug of thanks and take him out to most expensive restaurant I could afford.  Google lets me find exactly what I want to know when I’m writing without my fingers never having to leave my computer keyboard.  Today I needed a MacDonald’s on the main road north of Brisbane for my main character, Brooklyn, to have breakfast in.  I found one through Google.  I then wanted to know how many kilometres that was from Brisbane.  I found that too on Google.  And I wanted to know what the temperature would be outside on a March day.  It was 27degC, also found on Google.

In homage to Google, I believe the word “Googling” – as in “to Google” and the extras “He Googled”, “She Googled”, “They Googled” – and they found what they wanted to know – should be standardised in the English language.

And also want to add well done Google for pulling out of China.  Censorship sucks.  Thank you for putting morals above all else.


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