Characters Characters Characters

Was out walking the other night and suddenly realised I have a problem with the book – the characters don’t change.  For 27,500 or so words I had been focussing on telling the story – the action.  Big mistake.  Characters have to change.  It’s called a “character arc” and you must have one for every main character at least.  It is what publishers look for when deciding whether to go with you or not – is the story great, do the characters evolve?  Tick both boxes and you’ve got a good chance the book will appear on bookshop shelves.  Stuff it up and get ready for rejection.  So, I spent yesterday and will spend today and probably most of this week rewriting the 27,500 words so my characters will change.  Brooklyn is going to be a shy reporter who has to battle her fears of talking to people everyday in her work.  Helping James will make her braver and better able to cope with the world.  James will realise friends and family are more important in his life than he thought. 

Oh, well.  I better get back to it.


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