Stuck no more

I tend to write from the start of a book and go through page by page until I’m finished. Which is very Alice in Wonderland like: “Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop.” I know some authors which write pieces, scenes I suppose then tie them altogether later on. One I know writes from the start but will put something in like “description of harbour goes here” for her to go back to and do. She leaves the hard bits to last. But for me, I’ve always worked from the beginning to the end – no mucking around. It means, when you do get stuck, you always know what is really going to happen next. If it is night then the next thing that will happen is it will be morning and they have breakfast, or they don’t have breakfast, and so on. What I was searching for the other day when I got stuck was a change in tone. I had just finished a heart-stopping piece and needed to slow the pace down again. Once I realised that I was away. I know I’m making it sound simple but it is – as long as I don’t worry about it. The story will come. I have just got to let it.


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