Am here

Started this week and it is great to be here.  Sorry, I should have posted earlier but really, I just wanted to get going and write.  This novel has been sitting in my head since last winter and I was so much happier when chapter two was finished on Tuesday.  Except when I came to the office on Wednesday it was all gone!  Somehow I had been set up as a temporary user on the university’s network so when I turned my computer off on Tuesday night (saving power etc etc) it wiped my new file I had left on my screen’s desktop.  It brings me to a valuable lesson you learn as a writer – never keep your work in one place.  Save it on a disc or a portable hard drive or something or email it to yourself, or another email address you use (which is what I had done on Tuesday night) or at the very least print it out so at least all you will have to do is retype it.  Trying to recreate several thousand words (which of course were gems everyone of them) must be a heartbreaking process but something I haven’t yet had to do.

But anyway, it’s another day and on with chapter three.


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